about_usWe Design & Build Stuff

More specifically… We Build Handcrafted, Solid, Built-to-last Pieces You’ll be Proud to Own for a Lifetime.

We’re a two-family crew that literally has fun designing and building products for residential and commercial applications from new and reclaimed steel, aluminum and other interesting materials. Sure it’s hard work, but we dig this stuff.  Honestly, we love what we do and hope you do too!


The Crafting Iron Crew

Sure there are some key people that play a huge role in Crafting Iron’s success, but this entire crew and their families time, dedication and hard work — and by hard work, I mean literally getting their hands dirty — are the reason we’re kicking ass today!  Trust me we don’t like cliche saying’s like “it takes a village”, but seriously it’s an all-hands-on-deck at times around here and this crew can get it done!

We’re a Great Mix of Talent that Enjoys Family, Friends, Good Times & Hand word!  And, we’re also having some fun in the shop every chance we get — can you say Potato Gun and ask us about the Alien.

That’s it! That’s Us!  We love designing & building great products and we love you, our fans!  Thank You!

Made in America. We Are Crafting Iron.