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Spring’s Here & Things Are Happening!

Yea for Spring! Not sure about you guys, but we’re tired of the cold weather.  Especially since it was holding up progress on the new shop!  That’s right, we have new digs and the reason it’s been a little quite around here for a few weeks. But, it’s all good!  The shop is done and almost entirely put back together, which means we’re about to be back up-to-speed and rolling out new stuff!

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Vintage Steel Industrial Desk with Sappeli Wood

Prototyping, It’s gotta happen!

Prototyping is fun, challenging, difficult at times, expensive, but most of all… necessary!

At Crafting Iron I can honestly say we spend large amount of our time in prototyping mode by default.  It’s not by design, but driven by our clients demand for custom pieces.  It’s really more of a love/hate thing.  Love, because because we really enjoy doing custom work and it’s especially rewarding to see to look on a clients face or receive and email or phone call from that they receive a piece that’s exactly like they were expecting.  Hate, because it’s going in blind so-to-speak and not knowing what we are getting into and always wanting to get it right the first time!  Not always the case and why we call most of the projects we’re working on “prototyping”. Continue reading

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We’re Back

It’s Fixed

As you can see our site is finally back up and running, and well, the downtime was all me.  I was struggling with our original sites look and feel and figured I’d simply update the site with fresh look and something that might work a little better for customers.  Well, I can now tell you, it’s just not that simple and in the process I basically blew away our entire site’s content.  Damn!  Not good!

So, no more changes for a while and hopefully the updated site will help you find what you’re looking for whether its some of the awesomeness we’re building around the shop, more about us or the latest news or a tip from someone on the from the this blog right here!

Again, we’re sorry for the service interruption and fingers crossed that we will keep those to a minimum down the road!


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