You’ve got questions!  We’ve got answers!

These are, without a doubt, our most Frequently Asked Questions!  Obviously we won’t cover everything here you’re dying to know, but we’re gonna try!  If we’ve missed something for in particular, please hit our contact page and ask us there, we’ll be on it right away!  Happy FAQing!


Just Curious.

Yes we’d love to meet you! We’re in Bixby, Oklahoma! You can snag our address and phone here, and our official hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Yes we work well before and after those hours, but those are the best hours for a Crafting Iron Crew sighting!
If you’re local you are more than welcome to swing by our shop and pick up you furniture, fire bowl or other sweet Crafting Iron products. That’s a bonus for us since we’ll get to meet you in person. However, If we need to ship it, it’ll be done FOB. Basically FOB shipping point or FOB Origin means you’ll pay shipping and you’ll be responsible for the goods once they leave Crafting Iron – we think insurance is a great idea! Call us and we’d be happy to figure out the least expensive and quickest way to get your stuff in your hands.


Steel Furniture.

With each of our pieces being unique and handcrafted the time can vary, but typically you’re looking at 2-weeks depending on the workload. Please contact us if you need something more specific.
You said custom! We love our current furniture pieces too, but we look forward to custom. We’re always game for developing a unique piece of furniture and we’ll work with you from design to the finished build to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned from the start. Let’s do this!



Start with reclaimed steel, chalk up a sweet design on the bowl, grab your handy plasma cutting torch and get busy. There’s no automation here, it’s a handcrafted one off piece of art that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.
If you use it on wood or plastic lumber deck, you’re going to need some type of heat shield. We’d recommend firebrick, concrete pavers or some type of flat stone under the base. Staining is going to happen while the steel continues to rust or patina. You could paint your bowl with a high heat paint, but eventually it’ll have to be touched up… no fun! We’d suggest sticking with the patina and as long as you keep on one of the suggested ideas above, your deck should be safe.
Uh… we considered it and No! We love the natural patina look and we don’t have to deal with shipping scratches. If your interested in painting the Firebowl once it arrives, we’d recommend a high heat automotive paint and just know that you’ll eventually have to touch it up due to rusting.
See furniture FAQs above! We love and actually look forward to custom designs and we’re always looking for the opportunity to do something fresh. Please hit us hit us up with your ideas and we’ll work with you to make it happen.


Steel Football Helmets.

The helmets are cut from 16 gauge steel, with welded hangers/wall spacers and hand painted. The final size is 24″ Wide by 19″ Tall.
Whoa! You have to be licensed? Just kidding and yes we are officially licensed by the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the University of Tulsa.
Sorry, but we’re not licensed to use professional logos on our helmets. We hope to add licensing in the future, but as of now, the cost is just too prohibitive. Trust us, you’ll be the first to know if we get professional licensing in place!
Yes! As long as we have a signed document from the school that says we can use the logo, we are in!