Prototyping, It’s gotta happen!

Vintage Steel Industrial Desk with Sappeli Wood

Prototyping is fun, challenging, difficult at times, expensive, but most of all… necessary!

At Crafting Iron I can honestly say we spend large amount of our time in prototyping mode by default.  It’s not by design, but driven by our clients demand for custom pieces.  It’s really more of a love/hate thing.  Love, because because we really enjoy doing custom work and it’s especially rewarding to see to look on a clients face or receive and email or phone call from that they receive a piece that’s exactly like they were expecting.  Hate, because it’s going in blind so-to-speak and not knowing what we are getting into and always wanting to get it right the first time!  Not always the case and why we call most of the projects we’re working on “prototyping”.

The upside of prototyping is getting a chance to be creative and push the limits of our craft. It’s also helps us decide what’s doable and what isn’t, what’s cost effective and what’s not.  Great ideas are born and die through prototyping, but it’s a necessary!  Some of our coolest products came from or were enhanced through prototyping!  You just gotta do it!

Hopefully you’re having a great Holiday Season and Cheers from the Crafting Iron Team!

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